Tuesday, November 29, 2011

FYI: The Final Project and Upcoming Fun

To summarize what was said in class today:

Thursday (12/1) we will finish with Vathek.

Friday (12/2), part II of your paper is due, via Google Docs (preferred) or e-mail.  Some clarification:
  • you may write about Shamela for Part II, but you still have to write about three of the other books.
  • if you choose NOT to rewrite Part I, you can treat Part II as a continuation of that paper.  If you DO choose to rewrite Part I, you should submit both parts together as one continuous paper.
  • I will be taking points off on Part II for incorrect MLA citation.  If you want to make sure you're doing it right, I recommend the OWL at Purdue, which has an excellent guide to MLA style.  
  • Also, give yourselves time to do one editing/proofreading pass before you hand the next two parts of the paper in.  I (obviously) didn't do any stylistic or grammar corrections on Part I (in the interests of turning them around in a timely manner and giving you feedback on the content of the paper), but by the time we get to the final version I will be marking papers down for careless writing and mechanical errors.
  • Questions?  Respond to this post with them or e-mail them to me.  Or come to office hours Thursday (2 - 3, 321 English Bldg.)
Tuesday of next week (12/6) is the last day of class.  In the interests of giving everyone another opportunity for extra credit, we will have an in-class graded final exercise that will cover all the reading for the course.  You should prepare by reviewing everything we have read, and paying particular attention to the names and distinguishing features of the minor (non-titular) characters.


  1. What time will Part II be due? Also, I have class on Thursday from 2-3:15, so is there any way I could come see you afterwards?

  2. Would you be available on Friday at any time? I have class from 9 - 5 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

  3. Part II is due by 5pm on Friday.

    I can extend my Thursday office hours to 4pm for Robin and anyone else who would prefer to come by later.

    I can also meet with students between noon and 5 on Friday. Let me know when you plan to come by so I can makes sure not to step out for coffee then.

  4. This might be a silly question, but when talking about Tristram Shandy.. can we say "Tristram Shandy" or do we need to say "The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman"

    I know in the Works Cited I have to cite the entire title, but I wasn't sure about in the actual paper.

  5. Tristram Shandy on its own is fine, just be sure to put it in italics, as with any book title.

    Note that many of the books we've read this semester are known by titles that are shorter versions of the "real" titles featured on their title page (viz. Robinson Crusoe).